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left: 0px; Worley:Politics have become a blood sport with with deep divisions, I believe most people want similar things, Good Schools, Good Roads, Good Jobs, and safe communities. We also have a cat, a Siberian named Mr. Banks. .survey-result {padding:10px;} } vertical-align: top; Lawmakers in Raleigh passed legislation redrawing the voting districts based on the 2020 Census data. Access calendars to view upcoming events. } All rights reserved. display: block; margin-bottom: 0px; Current Dallas Township Commissioner Tracy Philbeck decided not to seek re-election. } font-weight: 200; .image-candidate-thumbnail-wrapper .image-candidate-thumbnail { .inner_percentage.Green { LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR: [ Mark Robinson (R)* - Candidate for Governor in 2024. ] .votebox-scroll-container { Response 2: Quality of life matters. This was always a choice. $50. My public service has long embraced these concepts. background-color: green; width: 350px; So is District Attorney Scott Reilly. U.S. President | Republican District Attorney Travis Page has no opponent seeking to be elected to the post he has held since being appointed. All three commissioner positions are up for election in 2023. background-color: red; Some of the things that are being taught to young children in schools without their parents permission cannot be allowed here in North Carolina. .widget-value { North Carolina 26th Prosecutorial District Attorney election, 2022 (May 17 Democratic primary) North Carolina House of Representatives elections, 2022. My cell is 980-395-5139 and my work email is [email protected], 2.) Learn about the boards and committees that help to run Gaston County. Lacey Ingle Ange is running unopposed for Clerk of Court. Updated: 6:59 PM EDT August 4, 2021 GASTON COUNTY, N.C. Gaston County's Sheriff, Alan Cloninger announced his plans to retire after a new sheriff is sworn into office in December 2022. And the sad reality is that they do not have the same level of opportunity that was afforded to me and to all of us in Gaston County when we were their age. color: #888; .clearfix { We design and implement our work processes to achieve superior and transformational results. .results_text { I don't want to run for just a job. He had filed to run for the 43rd District NC Senate post currently held by Kathy Harrington, who also decided not to seek re-election; but Philbeck recently withdrew from that race, leaving Brad Overcash, a Republican Belmont attorney, the only candidate. She was on the ballot in the general election on November 8, 2022. Zapple has already announced he plans to seek reelection. In North Carolina, you don't have to live in a Congressional district to run for that seat in Congress.). Contact Us (828) 884-3114 Phone font-weight: bold; } My focus was and will be on the salient challenges confronting Berks County in order to make the greatest positive impact. Cities | background-color: white; .non_result_row { .widget-row.value-only.white { Transylvania County Board of Elections | Follow us on . } .outer_percentage { Bio Arthur Griffin, At-Large Arthur Griffin was first elected as commissioner in 2022.

   .contact_entity {font-size: 1.5em ;margin-top: 0.6em; margin-bottom: 0em;margin-right: 0.5em;} Filing doesn't begin until June 6th and will end on July 1st. The filing period ended at noon Friday, March 4, meaning the matchups are set for May 17 primary elections and in some cases Election Day on Nov. 8. Cathy Cloninger (Republican Party)  ran for election to the Gaston County Board of Commissioners to represent Dallas Township in North Carolina. Exhaling, he stretched his arms out wide as if to embrace the bucolic scene before him. Continue to support public health, public safety, and social services. Mike Miller, whose district also includes Lincoln County, is also running unopposed for re-election as District Attorney. %
 Please contact the Melissa Wagner, County Chair at [email protected] or Josie Polhemus, GOTV chair at [email protected]. 	.results_row td { 		background-color: grey; 	.votebox_legend { GASTON COUNTY, North Carolina  Brian Harper opened the door to his back porch, stepped outside, and inhaled the brisk air. 		background-color: #003388; The candidate filing deadline for . You can reach Kevin Ellis at 704-201-7016or email him at [email protected]. Monroe County voters will elect two county commissioners, a controller, a register of wills and recorder of deeds, a prothonotary and clerk of courts, a sheriff and a district attorney this year . Not breaking any laws or going anywhere I wasnt supposed to be, yet still was labeled by the far left as anything but an American. Three seats on the county Board of Education will also be decided. >]PEG#-waO7_ut8#(:N0rT-msXfaL{m::B0\6id3P&ipx,bgOiE`z@T1Zc/${`c+pc+lIg `H(cnxtVw	$fZ[.hHc.{As^Z gHiUMq68,wU;-o\1Evr9 IG,!$"C4#'`=(M# 	.indicate_scroll { 	.votebox_bp_logo { Further dramatic savings came from building a new, smaller, attractive and efficient Berks Heim that also improved resident living conditions.   	text-align: center; All these issues were at the state level. if (typeof $  !=  'undefined') { .expand-all:hover, .collapse-all:hover {cursor: pointer; text-decoration: underline;} The elections board can provide information about the availability of filing papers and answer questions regarding nominating petitions and other ballot procedures. (function() { } Commissioners had previously hired Tom. $10.  It is not case sensitive. 		top: -1px; Current:My family has two Golden Retrievers, Ranger, 6, and Rosie, 4. Send a message to Cathy Cloninger asking her to fill out the survey, click here to fill out Ballotpedia's 2022 Candidate Connection survey, https://ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=Cathy_Cloninger_(Gaston_County_Board_of_Commissioners_Dallas_Township,_North_Carolina,_candidate_2022)&oldid=8966000, Gaston County Board of Commissioners candidate Gaston County, North Carolina, 2022, County candidates in Gaston County, North Carolina, Conflicts in school board elections, 2021-2022, Special Congressional elections (2023-2024), 2022 Congressional Competitiveness Report, State Executive Competitiveness Report, 2022, State Legislative Competitiveness Report, 2022, Partisanship in 2022 United States local elections. Continue to develop and encourage joint uses of assets among schools, parks, and municipal agencies within Gaston County. Encourage continuous, open, and positive communication among County Commissioners, County Staff, and citizens. } Innovation & Continuous ImprovementWe leverage insight, best practices, and technology to increase the efficiency of our operations and the quality of our services. If you have any interest in participating in our volunteer opportunities, please reach out to me through my cell or my work email. Review the current programming schedule for County Commission and Gastonia City Council meetings. Cathy Cloninger ran in the general election for Gaston County Board of Commissioners Dallas Township on November 8, 2022. Careless debris burning is the leading cause of wildfires in North Carolina. Her opponent is Steve Hall, who is currently on the Gaston Board of Education. WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Candidates who want to run for most local, state, federal or judicial offices in 2022 can file for office starting Monday, December 6 through Noon on Friday, December 17. Candidates can find more information at Running for Office. 		margin-top: 16px; 	font-size: 1.2em; 		margin-bottom:16px; Background: Scott was first elected to be a Berks County commissioner in 1995, serving in that role for 24 years before losing his bid for a seventh term in 2019. She was on the ballot in the general election on November 8, 2022. 		display: block;    } School districts | By the end of his term he was chairman of the commission. 	.inner_percentage, .inner_percentage.Nonpartisan, .inner_percentage.Independent, .inner_percentage.Constitution, .inner_percentage.unknown { Special Meetings may be called with at least 48 hours' notice prior to the meeting. In Bladen County, Board of Commission seats currently held by Arthur Bullock (District 1), Charles Ray Peterson (District 2) and Cameron McGill (District 3) will be up for election. In District 5, District Court seats currently held by Judge Melinda Crouch, Judge James Faison, Judge Chad Hogston and Judge Lindsey McKee will be up for election, along with District 13 at-large seats filled now by Judge Quintin McGee and Judge Will Callihan. Donate Today! Berks is one of only three counties in Pennsylvania with an AAA rating. 		width: 100%; 		max-width: 75px; 	.results_row { Response 2: My grandmom taught me that its not how much you make but how wisely you spend it. 	background-color: #f9f9f9; 	.votebox-results-metadata-p { For any that have gone through this, you understand how that news can literally take your breath away. This way all questions and concerns will be handled in a timely fashion. The Lancaster County Bail Reform Coalition said Friday that the county's president judge overstepped his authority when he told candidates running magisterial district judge candidates running . Internal Audit is an independent function and reports administratively to the County Manager. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. My mindset is to always search for answers and to think outside the box with an uncompromising moral compass and fighting spirit to stand up for what is right rooted in faith. We as a state still control how we run our elections (as long as Nancy Pelosi doesnt get her way). 		margin-bottom: .75em; $(".expand-all").on('click', () => { We also continue to maintain the highest bond rating possible at AAA. Since day one, the top area I felt I needed to focus on the most was how the county managed those resources. 	.race_header { Easily access important documents and links. Its an awesome opportunity to serve my community. We will not survive as a Republic if we cannot even communicate with each other. Gaston County is governed by a seven-member Board of Commissioners (BOC) representing six townships. Noteworthy respondents included U.S. Representative, 694 candidates completed the survey in 2021. And, perhaps, a little less social media.  Before Mr. Banks, I didnt even know cats could be hypoallergenic! This varies by county. Core Values represent the fundamental beliefs or guiding principles of the organization. 		padding-left: 8px; Click here to contact our editorial staff, and click here to report an error. Marshall was first elected to the office in 1996. We will continue to make fiscal responsibility job number one. Jan. 17, 2022: County boards of elections begin mailing absentee ballots for the 2022 statewide primary to eligible voters who submitted an absentee ballot request form. Elections General election General election for Gaston County Board of Commissioners Riverbend Township During that time, he also attended classes at several different area colleges, including Montreat College, a private Christian college in Black Mountain. Cooperate with all municipalities in Gaston County. 		width: 90%; For NC House District 89, Mitchell Setzer will seek the GOP nomination for the seat he holds. The Board is charged with providing policy direction for the administration of county government and providing for the efficient operation of government services. Elections in 2023 |  "Many people have approached me about running for several different offices at the state level. } I am a Christian, conservative businessman and someone who has not been doing politics for decades. 

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