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He loves storms, exploring, general excitement and swashbuckling. Kwazii has a secret. 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Scan this QR code to download the app now. There has to be some sort of adventure, matey! he told no one in particular. What will they do to him? Shellington and Inkling are one. When I entered the kitchen, I was surprised only Dashi was in there. An AU where The Octonauts is actually a children's reality TV show. So she decides to make time for her to go home. Thank you so much! (, Almost suffers from a Tsunami wave with Shellington. (, Almost gets burned by lava from a lava tube while trying to save Frank the Water Bear. Will he be able to put up with their antics? Un groupe de cinq personnes tait prsent dans les lieux, ils avaient les frres Kratts: Chris et Martin. Tunip fainted, Peso gasping. (, Almost gets hurt during the underwater storm of a hurricane. Ill tickle him again if he takes longer, Kwazii promised. Shellington Sea Otter has only been an Octonaut for a month and already needs help doing his job. Yeah B, I wanna hear what you think about this.. It was all about dating and being tall and beautiful. caitlin parker nashville tn address; justin kobylka reptiles net worth; city of newark, nj code enforcement division; frac sand hauling jobs no experience Shellington nodded back. Due to the incredible support of the community, we've raised US$252,343.98 with an average donation of $32.14, and added 6450 new members this drive. (, Almost gets hurt by a wave that traps her and a sea lion inside a cave. Work Search: I struggled to sit up, and then I remembered. I should suggest, tag, though! An AU where The Octonauts is actually a children's reality TV show. Thanks to @thethirdweasleytwin for letting me use their idea. When eight mysterious eggs hatch in the octopod, Shellington is on duty to take care of the new species of Vegimals. I felt sick to my stomach, and it throbbed faster. It's about the nick in Kwazii's ear, and it's not so much of a headcanon as part of my fanfiction. Hits are directed and do twice the damage. (, Almost becomes a humpback whale's lunch. Thanks to @thethirdweasleytwin for letting me use their idea. Non of the pictures and quotes belong to me. Almost Sick. It was like a roleplaying game where they make their characters and their actions are depended on by two dice. very factually accurate things that i make at 3am when i get random bursts of energy to do literally anything but write a good fic. ( The Great Octo-Bot Rescue) Almost gets eaten and stung to death by a Giant Siphonophore. She took the dice and rolled it, seeing seven. Now we only need SIX canons! Kwazii laughed heartily. (, Almost gets crushed by a falling boulder. What goes on behind the scenes? How their stories were found out, off the stage. (, Almost gets suffers from a collapsing Octo-Repair Station and gets pinned under fallen objects. overall just much angst and sad feelings ;-; doesn't really fit with cannon but not too outlandish. A cough interrupted the mayhemic scene, Whats all this about? Barnacles called from the doorway. Swashbucklin with the swordfish! My title says all. Well well get revenge, Kwazii! Tweak laughed. POSSIBLE TW FOR DESCRIPTIONS OF MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES AND DISORDERS! Steps Chapter 1: The first step : A night with Kwazii, an octonauts fanfic | FanFiction "We're done with our mission, Octonauts at ease," Barnacles sang. But he just stared, curious as he shook his head. It's a somewhat normal afternoon for the Octonauts. Barnacles rolled after, getting seven and Dashi getting six. I do not own these characters. no probably not for the long run. We all know that Peso is shy. Curse me and my autistic butt. This is my first work on this website, so sorry if it seems a bit wonky! He would typically be happy there was no trouble but today felt oh so slow. (Yet or is not recorded), Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, Almost suffocates while trying to lead a rescue mission for a group of manatees. He trusts the Octonauts, more than he trusts himself. When the Octonauts first encountered the Paw patrol, both teams immediately befriended each other. Captain Barnacles laughed and went over, pulling Kwazii up from Shellington, who was lifted by Professor Inkling. Rated T for language, heavy subject material, and use of alcohol. He dug through some old treasure maps, little gold doubloons, and his great grandfathers Calico Jacks telescope and eventually fished out some dice. Coco gets sucked into life in the crew when she least expects it. Peso has! With their prospects looking grim, can this ragtag band of misfits save the day? One day, however, Tweak convinces him to let his guard down and long story short; she finds out. Ill be ready for anything! They landed on five. . Not. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. He will experience what real life is like outside of his world. Its Kwazii, Peso and Shellingtons turn to help him. (The Manatees), Almost gets crushed by a colossal squid. Everyone roll, except Shellington and Inkling. They both shrugged, eating after all of that excitement. Although, he knew what he was going to do next turn. Can he tell them his secret? My take on how the Octonauts, well, became the Octonauts. Since they didnt attack or move, they didnt need to roll, but Shellington didnt give the dice back. Each team was given twenty health points, so it was a big risk. (, Almost gets eaten and stung to death by a, Almost drowns when he doesn't have an air tank and his tail was stuck. (, Almost gets eaten by a tiger shark named Tom. What will they do to him? ( The Giant Siphonophore) Almost drowns when he doesn't have an air tank and his tail was stuck. Heya there! (We also accept donations year-round, so you are able to donate whenever is convenient for you.). Please consider turning it on! Heya there! They were very excited because there friends and Families were coming to visit for the Holidays. When I swam back to the Octopod to get help, I started crying. (Today was so shocking. I'm glad Shellington will be better in no time. Barnacles walked up to Kwazii and placed the chair he'd grabed down. Completed fixing pirates tweak +3 more # 4 What An Adventure || Kwazii And Ca. ? he wheezed out. The answer is all that happens in this book! And to you, Shellington! Professor Inkling shook his paw, wrapping his tentacle around it. You'll have to read to find out >:). Tweak took the challenge and rolled it, but got four. (We also accept donations year-round, so you are able to donate whenever is convenient for you.). Thank you so much! Inkling took the dice and rolled it, the sides each landing three. Noooo! Shellington yelled out. I agree! Peso beamed, happy itll be something where no one would get hurt. Deep Sea Adventure! With those three words, everyones eyes lit up and all agreed. I'm so happy now, but Shellington has a huge hole in his stomach. The otter tossed the dice down, rolling a twelve. This puts the Octonauts in turmoil. So lets keep moving.. it's the octonauts, but gay. Enjoy! Nessa River Otter is a fresh college graduate looking to finally test her knowledge in the field. Dashi: Do you need Peso? You attempted to attack with clubs, but they fall in the water.. Ooh! Captain beamed. Is there any way he can reach her or will she continue down a path of self-destruction? Coco fixes the octonauts up, helps them through their anxieties and fears, and pains. When I swam back to the Octopod to get help, I started crying. (, Almost gets eaten by a crocodile and almost drowns when his helmet is deactivated. Inkling took the dice and whispered to Shellington, then he looked at his captain. Shellington: No, I just don't feel well today. One day, however, Tweak convinces him to let his guard down and long story short; she finds out. And the loot once the captain and I win it! Kwazii. Four junior officers are trained to become full-fledged Octonauts. If you're from my school then plz leave I stg. Heh, captain knows his crew, he winked, tossing the dice down. Ive recently been obsessed with Octonauts after re-discovering it and even though I haven't finished many episodes of it, I do have my eyes on a specific "couple". Kwaziis cheeks and ears flushed with embarrassment. Though as no no knows, two witches have been born into this world of magic. ), TW - Self Harm - Self Hatred - Depression, Due to his depression and anxiety, Kwazii feels like he has no place on the team and turns to self harm as a coping mechanism. Everything remains calm and good. Kwazii is a daredevil cat with a mysterious pirate past. (, Almost gets caught in a flood in the Australian Outback's. Barnacles looked at the open-mouthed otter and dumbo octopus, him shrugging. Wow thank you, Shellington! Peso smiled. octonauts fanfiction barnacles hurt. And dilemma. also cold garli Based off of @isobeljones2000's story, so I don't own anything except my OC. They get nine points in health! he announced. Okay! During a storm, Kwazii ended up lost at sea and kidnapped by some mistaken pirates. Ever going into work only to have your boss tell you that he's basically trading you away? Caahahahap hehehehelp!!. How will she handle all the new challenges that come with becoming a crewmate and even finding love? He loves excitement and travelling to exotic places. Kwazii can also pilot the Octopod's steering wheel (the Amazon Adventure) but he seems to enjoy taking a very bumpy and roundabout way to the . Shiver me whiskers, that cant be right! Kwazii lifted his eyepatch in shock. Professor Inkling rolled the dice, rolling it to a nine. (, Almost drowns after being caught in a huge wave. Or will he give up and go home? Please have fun reading this. Yesterday, I had a glass shard shot into my stomach. Dashi and Tweak both talked as everyone set up their pieces. What do ya say, Dash?. Kwazii tried to struggle free but he couldn't move anything but his legs. They were burned in this magical land, as they were too powerful and dangerous. Tweak and Kwazii have been togeather for five years now and Kwazii purposes to her. He let out little giggles as Kwazii looked mighty proud of himself, sitting back down. The daredevil cat with a mysterious pirate past. animals octonauts # 12 Random Octonauts Headcanons by Zoe 18.4K 384 21 Y-yeahahah he giggled out. (Video Game), Ouran High School Host Club - All Media Types, #JusticeForTheRandomPolicemanNikolaiShot'sFamily, I Feel Bad For You If You Actually Read These, Captain Barnacles/Kwazii/Peso (Octonauts), Captain Barnacles/Shellington (Octonauts), I Wrote This Whilst Listening To Radiohead And It Shows, Blood And Fur (Will update soon, been stuck here and working on another fic ), Been wanting to write this genre for a while and Kwazini just materialized :), we got many forms of symbolism in this bois, chapters are alternating between major events and perspective changes, warning does have character death.injury mention.past trauma.dangerous situations. by fckingPrettyFairy 915 10 12 Thank you so much! The otter erupted in bubbly laughter, kicking his legs. This a request book and head canons stories to feel/heal my soul :), ((Will not make smut or any NSFW writing. Daily life at a Calisota City vet clinic. (. (, Almost drowns when he gets buried under a pile of ice with, Almost gets consumed by hot bubbles in a cave with lava underground. Two apples, three suits of armor, an unknown box, and you both gained any health you lost.. Kwazii/Tweak (Octonauts) Original Characters Shellington (Octonauts) Captain Barnacles (Octonauts) Tweak (Octonauts) Kwazii (Octonauts) Professor Inkling (Octonauts) Peso (Octonauts) Pre-Canon Pre-Relationship Rescue Missions POV Multiple POV Alternating Near Death Hypothermia Light Angst Dashi hasn't joined yet Blizzards & Snowstorms She laid me down on my bed and hugged me again. (, Almost gets crashed on the bottom of a trench. I pulled off another petal. To this day, I doubt a lot of things I did in my life. Tweak moved their piece seven squares. This a request book and head canons stories to feel/heal my soul :), ((Will not make smut or any NSFW writing. ! Kwazii yelled out. Peso, and Dashi are using the gups to transport supplies from the Octo-port to the Octo-repair station. That would be Shellington, the knowledgeable and reliable marine biologist which is an otter. The others were supposed to take the treasure. shellington octonauts dashi peso kwazii tweak barnacles inkling captainbarnacles vegimals tunip professorinkling captain kwaziixpeso kwaso dashton octopod turnip crossover fanfiction 218 Stories Sort by: Hot What happens when the Octonauts aren't exploring, rescuing, or protecting? (We also accept donations year-round, so you are able to donate whenever is convenient for you. Soon, you will be fighting the monkeys! This sent everyone into fits of laughter, the captain smiling. Shellington took me to see a really pretty coral reef. M-maybe something less dangerous? he asked. Peso brought in a mat covered in squares, having the design of islands and villages and caves.

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