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I like those boats. sellers and professional boat dealers. Please reload this page and try again later. I'll take it out and run it again and let yall know how it goes. Boat came with a 19 pitch prop, so we put a 15 pitch on there just to test. 24 bolt trolling motor and a Garmin GPS at the console. Posted Over 1 Month. The specs was a typo its H18, I corrected it. With Xpress you get more bang for the buck. Available in 17 and 18-foot lengths, this boat has an ergonomically designed interior with awesome standard features and a sleek, superbly appointed, open floor plan that will provide you with years of xcitement. People still dont believe that an aluminum boat can go that fast and handle that well (Ive taken some people on rides). Xpress H18 boats for sale 33 Boats Available. Would I like to be a part of this family? The oldest boat was built in 2001 and the newest model is SEADECK IN COCKPIT FLOOR Copyright 1999-2023 Boats Group. Needless to say, Xpress Boats are the way to go!, After owning 5 hulls in 3 years, I found the XP200 to be exactly what I needed. His personal favorite parts to use werethe primer bulbs that Johnson made and some aftermarket blue colored ethanol rated fuel line he stocked by the box loads. Upload or insert images from URL. This rig is perfect for those just starting out, high school and college anglers or the savvy weekend tournament angler too. This is critical. The speed. BACKTRACK ALUMINUM TRAILER It will go anywhere the 18' aluminum will, but be drier and smoother getting there. 150 Yamaha VMax. The boat was serviced correctly and taken care of, other than rubbing the dock. #3 10-16-2020, 05:08 PM. Xpress H18 . EURO SEAT UPGRADE The 15 pitch did allow us to plane, but it seemed painfully slow and still could only go about 33-34mph. www.xpressboats.com. Hull wise the X 18 is 18-0 long and beam of 95", H 18 is 17-10 long and 93"beam, both are hyperlift hulls and .125 thick. It just floats above the waves on full plane in rough water. Supreme Aqua Shield. I love the speed, handling, storage, ride, deck space, and price! The sleek look of the H18 makes it a great purchase no matter where you are in your fishing life. The mechanic is going to pull and clean then test all the injectors, and pull apart and clean/replace filters inside the VST tank. Form Page, This boat trailers good, fishes good, and all-around Please also keep in mind that the data contained in this Performance Bulletin may or may not have been performed using Yamaha PowerMatched components. The interior storage layout works great and I really like my 9 graph being recessed in the console. This used Xpress boat is powered by a 115HP Yamaha 4-stroke with a manual jackplate and a stainless steel 3-blade prop. The gas tank is huge. Unfortunately, your content contains terms that we do not allow. Go test run the boat . Xpress H18 Preformance I just purchased a 2009 Xpress H18 with Yamaha 115 4-Stroke. That should be a good motor for you. Every manufacturer can have a problem with a primer bulb and its internal valves. They are only right under the console. Last April I spent 10 days on Dale Hollow. 2023. The boat weighs approximately 1294 pounds with an empty fuel tank and without any gear or passengers. So many things about my X21 that I love. and the seat have already stitching coming apart.but that could be Go to your local boat dealer. Triton - Power and Performance: Available With a Wide Range of Precision Matched Outboards Factory Rigged Cranking Battery No Feedback Steering CLEAN CLEAR MISSISSIPPI PAPERS FOR TITLES FOR HULL, ENGINE AND TRAILER. Recessed tray for Ultrex in a 2008 H18 Was going to have a boat dealer/fitter install a recessed tray for my Ultrex trolling motor. The X19s stout hull gives me the performance and peace of mind that I need to have to fish anytime and anywhere., The first time I got in an Xpress bass boat I was absolutely blown away. Some just took the kids outdoors but many found it was a great activity and have jumped in with both feet. Throwing time and money at setups only to find out that there was an issue with the motor to begin with and then you get to start the process all over again, it's not worth it. Comes with the Xpress Camo Paint and Xtreme Coat Deck liner. Ive fished in as shallow as 8 of water. SS FOLD DOWN CLEATS Welcome to BBCBoards.net BBCBoards is the leading online community for Bass Boat connections. Place the tank on the cockpit floor. Performance that gets you to and from your fishing destination quickly, comfortably, and most importantly, safely. There has been a lot of trouble with contamination by damage from ethanol fuel The older fuel lines are well documented as deteriorating and clogging things downstream as well as shrinking the lining inside. It can go where fiberglass boats cant or wont go. 6" ATALAS HYDRAULIC JACK PLATE "Love this boat, rides and drives great, but best of all easy to clean and there is no gelcoat to fade or wood to rot." Xpress H18 Bass boats for sale in United States 4 Boats Available. Price: $12,250.00 Hurricane Sale! You can findan Xpress boatthroughout the United States. About Xpress Boats. High performance was tops on my list of demands. Save This Boat. dealers to find a boat near you today. BACKTRACK ALUMINUM TRAILER 2008 Xpress H-18 (18 foot) welded aluminum boat - 90 hp Yamaha 2 stroke - less than 100 hours. What should be the normal performance for this boat with a 115? $46,327 Seller Smith Motor Company 23. Your boats performance may be different than the information contained in this Performance Bulletin due to various factors, including your boats actual weight, wind and water conditions, temperature, humidity, elevation, bottom paint, boat options affecting wind/water drag and/or boat weight, and operator ability. If you have any questions bout. Pro XS. Handles rough water just as good as a glass boat. boats.com is part of the Boats Group Network. There is a 24V 70# Minn Kota Edge mounted on the bow to quietly zip you around while fishing. boats.com, 1221 Brickell Avenue, 23rd Floor, Miami, FL 33131, USA. With youth activities, golf courses and other things they used to do on lockdown, being outdoors and fishing was a great release and many of those who tried it got hooked. Sorry, I just do not trust it since it could be full of the gunk again. MY NAME IS TOM AND GOOD LUCK BIDDING. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about any of our models or products. We didn't fill the livewells to trouble shoot, the bass started biting. With the 15 pitch, we could get the engine to about 5700 WOT with an empty livewell, if the livewell was full it would only turn about 5400, max speed at this point is about 34mph. HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS UPGRADE MINN KOTA 70 EDGE TROLLING MOTOR UPGRADE CAPPUCCINO SEA DEK UPGRADE COCONUT BUCKET SEATS UPGRADE DUCK BOAT GRAPHICS PACKAGE UPGRADE BRONZE XCLUSIVE GRAPHICS UPGRADE Ive had fiberglass boats as well as other aluminum boats. It also has injected foam throughout the boat for safety and a quieter ride. 17,377 Yamaha 90hp 4-stroke w/ 41 hours, six month engine warranty, Minn Kota 70lb foot control trolling . Xpress H18 VF115LA Engine Mounting Height Propeller (s) Test Conditions Comments Performance Data 0-20 MPH: 6.63 seconds Notice To Consumer The information and data contained in this Performance Bulletin is approximate and subject to many different factors and variables. Your link has been automatically embedded. When searching for the most complete side console solution for hunting and fishing, look no further than the cornerstone of our fishing lineup, the Xplorer Bass Series. He said that motor would have hit the rev limiter with that 15 pitch, if it had been firing on all 4 cylinders. They were great to work with. Current timetable, valid from Friday 28 April 2023. We have sent your information directly to the seller. Plus, it provides a soft, cool space for our young child. http://yamahaoutboards.com/propellers/prop-shop-library, https://www.generalpropeller.com/pdf/QS_Yamaha.pdf. 383. We weren't able to post your message, please check the highlighted fields and try again. XPRESS H18 BASS 12/3/01. Please reload this page and try again later. View a wide selection of H18 boats from $6,995 to $73,500. Ill never buy any other boat besides an Xpress!, I am the current owner of a 2020 X21 with a Yamaha 250. I don't believe any Yamaha outboards have had a problem with fuel line ethanol problems. It is provided as a guideline only and should not be relied upon as representative of actual performance. If you're looking for the best riding aluminum bass boat look no further. FINANCING AVAILABLE for qualified buyers! due to everyone using them for steps instead of the real step. Check out these FINSEEKER Fishing A powerboat built by Xpress, the 18 is a The family owned and operated company has been making quality fishing boats since 1966. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. bass vessel. We weren't able to post your message, please check the highlighted fields and try again. XCLUSIVE PRO BASS SERIES | HYPER-LIFT BASS SERIES | XPLORER BASS SERIES. Services may vary during Bank Holidays The X21 has a ridiculous amount of storage from the bow to the stern. Register Log In Aldeer.com Forums Aldeer Classifieds 2008 Xpress H18: Forums Calendar Active Threads Forum Help: Aldeer Classifieds ISO Assault bike by ford150man. For those of us a little longer in the tooth, we see this H18 as a great boat for mid-size lakes and the H18 has many of the amenities of larger more expensive boats but are less costly to pull, run and fish from. The Hyper-Lift Hull is something you just have to experience. $115,900.00 My favorite features include the SeaDek flooring and LED lighted interior and storage compartments. Boat seems to be running great now. 19 Xpress X19 Pro. How is the hole shot? Upgrades are easy to add, too. The carpet and seats are good, just need a little cleaning. Here are from specifications from the factory websites to help you out as well. I also save money towing it over a heavy fiberglass boat. Make sure to pick up some fuel treatment before filling it up. The X21 is a great fishing platform. Remember to always observe all applicable boating laws. . SEADEK ON BOTH DECKS I'm thinking it may be some kind of engine issue, I just spoke with a dealer and the recommended a 17 pitch prop for that boat/motor combo. 2014 Xpress Hyper-Lift Bay Series H18B $21,900 We get lots of comments at the boat ramps and on the water., I recently purchased my second Xpress, a 2019 X19Pro with Yamaha 200 SHO from Gulf to Lake Marine and Trailer in Locanto, FL. New batteries, new fish finder, new bearings in the trailer. if interested give us a call at 251-679-9994 or for more opportunities visit !!! IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT THROUGH EBAY OR TEXT ME AT 214-773-4419. The SeaDek flooring is soft, durable and easy to clean! Great fit and finish and attention to detail just complements the entire package. Save This Boat. If big water comes into play, the Xpress becomes the obvious choice. SEADECK IN COCKPIT FLOOR It would just plow thru the water with the bow high in the air, I tried adjusting trim, but could not get it up on plane. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about any of our models or products. The information and data contained in this Performance Bulletin is approximate and subject to many different factors and variables. The holeshot is absolutely remarkable. Xpress H18 Bass Seneca, South Carolina 2023 $34,035 Seller Eclipse Marine at Clemson Marina 7 Contact 864-662-3076 In-Stock Xpress H18 Bass Mead, Oklahoma 2023 $40,322 Seller Wild Bill's Boats 17 Contact 405-454-8083 In-Stock Xpress H18 Bass Cleveland, Tennessee 2023 $38,995 My favorite features of the Xpress are the textured interior Xtreme Coat in combination with the washdown pump, the livewell/baitwell, and the HD hull, which gives me the benefits of aluminum with the stability of glass. SS FOLD DOWN CLEATS This document contains many of Yamahas valuable trademarks. The handling, hole shot, and speed are top-tier compared to our last boat, a Basscat Cougar. No reason to fill the livewells when trying to trouble shoot. You can also browse boat I'm hoping its an engine issue, because if this the normal performance of this boat, I will be greatly disappointed. February 18, 2017 in Bass Boats, Canoes, Kayaks and more. They said the 15 pitch that we put on as a test was way under propped. The storage is unreal. The mechanic at the resort and marina said he fixes those issues on all brands regularly. This boats Hyper-Lift Hull handles extremely well with a super-fast holeshot and speeds topping 70 mph. The SeaDek turns heads, strikes up conversations, and feels so good in the summer when barefoot. * HUGE V8 250HP MERCURY COLD FUSION with DIGITAL SHIFT / THROTTLE Register Log In Aldeer.com Forums Aldeer Classifieds 2008 Xpress H18: Forums Calendar Active Threads Forum Help: Aldeer Classifieds GoPro Hero7 White by CRUTCHJD76. Stock#X71 The boat can reach up to 60+ mph in a heartbeat. I had a very good buying experience with Cary and Sons Marine in Texas., If you are in the market for a durable and dependable aluminum boat, look no further! I left the 19 pitch inside the boat when I dropped it off. Digital and hard copy versions available. Xpress H18 2008-2015 Semi-Custom Boat Cover by ENDURACover. If youve made the decision to pick up this brochure, youve taken the first step in joining an xclusive group of fishermen. I would also replace the new fuel filter as well. The shop ran a diagnostic on the engine and found that the fuel injector on number 3 cylinder isn't opening. A 20' glass boat would be better, if a side console. 99 Xpress w/ Yamaha They did a great job installing a new Hummingbird Helix 9 on the bow., The 3 things I like most about my Xpress X19Pro are the shallow water capability. Display as a link instead, I fish fresh and brackish water for bass and if they dont cooperate, I will run out to the salt marsh to see what is going on. Just picked up my 2021 X18 Pro yesterday and have not even gotten it on the water yet. H18. HELIX 5 GPS CHIRP G3 UPGRADE STORM GRAY SEA DEK UPGRADE SILVER XCLUSIVE GRAPHICS UPGRADE BAY STAR PLUS HYDRAULIC STEERING UPGRADE 70LB EDGE TROLLING MOTOR I'm not opposed to cutting through the front braces under the deck. You can findan Xpress boatthroughout the United States. By Available in 17 and 18-foot lengths, this boat has an ergonomically designed interior with awesome standard features and a sleek, superbly appointed, open floor plan that will provide you with years of xcitement. They treat these guys like they are a part of the family. I took it out the other day for a spin, just me, about 10 gallons of fuel and 3 batteries.. Running WOT the engine would only turn about 4900 RPMs and top speed was about 39mph. 1. Xpress.xpect to be impressed! You are going to need a higher pitch prop! Everyone who rides in my boat remarks about how smooth and dry it rides. INCLUDES THE BELOW OPTIONAL UPGRADES! Nothing to really complain about Yamaha fuel lines are compatible and always have been, at least mine are, back to 1998. Xpress 18 boats on the market. If this in an engine issue, what could be the cause? The suspense is killin me. Here are a few ways to learn more about our boats. YAMAHA VF115LA SHO After all the added options, my final price was much less than any comparable brand. 03/27/23 07:44 PM The handling. It seems to be running like a champ. Below are a few similar boat listings we think you might like. SEADEK ON BOTH DECKS Its a game-changer. All rights reserved. 2018. What happens when you take the finest padded hull design in the industry, add years of innovation, and combine it with essential features at an economical price? I have never owned a bass boat with as much storage! Just get it checked out first. CONTACT US TODAY to see how EASY it is to own a new or used boat! EASY ONLINE APPLICATION PROCESS!! We Also Offer Bimini Tops for Xpress. Fast, dry, pad hull design will get you to and from your destination safely and most certainly quickly! The ride. I just purchased a 2009 Xpress H18 with Yamaha 115 4-Stroke. You get the new Hyper-Lift Bass Series. 03/27/23 09:05 PM Tc encore pro hunter fs by !shiloh!. Upg. Xpress 18 boats for sale Back To Top Clear All Xpress 18 Location By Zip By City or State Condition All New Used Length to ft. Year to Price to Price Drop info Boat Type Power Power-all-power All Power Power-Bass Bass Power-Center Console Center Console Power-Express Cruiser Express Cruiser Power-Freshwater Fishing Freshwater Fishing Make Performance that gets you to and from your fishing destination quickly, comfortably, and most importantly, safely. but these minor things.no insulated coolersI wish the trailer was The sales team was extremely helpful, quick to find exactly what I wanted, and very thorough in getting the sale done right with the extra components added to my Xpress., The top three features that I like most about my X21Pro are the SeaDek that allows me to fish barefoot all summer long, the Hyper-Lift hull the provides tremendous speed and agility, and the storage compartments that allow me to store a maximum amount of tackle, rods, and equipment, which is very helpful for tournament fishing. Xpress H18 Bass . I maxed out at 39 with just me and low fuel, with the 19P prop, that was going with the wind, against the wind itwas about 37. Make sure you make a piece to match the existing piece that goes from the primer bulb tothe engine. 2016 Xpress Boats Hyper-Lift Crappie Series H18PFC 2016 Xpress Boats Hyper-Lift Crappie Series H18PFC INCLUDES: SPORTSMEN PACKAGE, 6" JACK PLATE, 3 BANK CHARGER, UFLEX STEERING, 2 TONE UPGRADE FROM PAINT UPGRADE Form and function Youve got brush piles spread from one end of your . Big aluminum boat. The stability. average price of $15,998. The look. I dont think there is a better performing aluminum bass boat out there!, I love the XP180 I bought from Mootsies Marine in Rockford, Michigan, last October. My buying process with Carey and Sons Marine, near Dallas, TX, was fantastic!, We purchased a 2021 Xpress XP180 from Marshalls Marine in South Carolina. is $13,995, the most expensive is $31,900, and the Any help is greatly appreciated. Yamaha 115 4-stroke, 6" manual jackplate. 2023 Xpress H18 Bass $ $ 2023 Xpress H18 Bass with Yamaha 115 SHO <<Click here for more photos>> Minnkota Ultrex 80 with spot lock, SeaDek decking on front and rear decks and in floor, Three bank battery charger, Hydraulic steering, Jack plate, Recirculating live well, Interior lights in live well and storage boxes, and Stainless Prop. Because it says you know you are in for a fast, smooth, and comfortable ride. There are many different aluminum boat brands, but none compare to Xpress!, The reason I own a 2019 Xpress X19 Pro with a Yamaha 175 SHO is because of its reliability, versatility, and durability. performs good. The third feature I appreciate is the rough finish, which is helpful during the winter as its gets icy up here., In 2018 I ordered my second Xpress from Marshalls Marine, a fully loaded X21 Pro. Sounds like you need to check the power packs, take everything you don't need out of the boat including a full tank of gas to reduce some weight during the prop testing phase? Please confirm the specifications and performance data on your specific boat/engine combination with your dealer prior to purchase. 03/27/23 07:59 PM Leupold VX-Freedom 2-733 by James. Vidalia, Louisiana, United . After driving an Xpress X21, I could never go back to fiberglass., I have been impressed with the performance and handling of my 2019 X19 w/a Yamaha 175 SHO. With the 15 pitch prop, the boat would get on top of the water with both of us, but it did take longer than I think it should, the boat willplow thru the water before finally getting up on top of the water. Fits years: (2008 - 2015) Available Fabrics. 2008 xpress h18southwest cargo phone number. FOLDING SWIM LADDER There is a quickand simple way to test. thrust 24 volt trolling motor, hot foot, jack plate, stainless steel prop, livewell, 30 gallon gas tank, single axle galvashield trailer with swing away tongue, and plenty of storage. RECIRCULATING LIVEWELL boats.com, 1221 Brickell Avenue, 23rd Floor, Miami, FL 33131, USA. Xpress Boats manufactures an all-welded aluminum bass boat, bay boats and skiffs. 2013. I have also read about issues with tank vent issues occurring. FINANCING AVAILABLE! Available in 17 and 18-foot lengths, this boat has an ergonomically designed interior with awesome standard features and a sleek, superbly appointed, open floor plan that will provide you with years of xcitement. It had a nice aluminum trailer. WETSOUNDS PREMIUM SOUND SYSTEM If the engine was starving for fuel this will help.

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